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What is greenbox?

The box represents the office

Green are the sustainable products we put in the box

greenbox-is low profile raised flooring

greenbox-is prefabricated custom walls

greenbox-is digital sound masking

greenbox-is acoustic appliques


The sum total of these products is faster construction times, lower labor costs, and less wasted materials versus on site construction. Computerization of the production process permits a high degree of customization at an affordable cost with a higher level of quality control compared with standard construction methods.

Most of our products are recyclable or made from recycled materials and can help contribute LEED credits for certification.


Three Products, One Solution


Low Profile Modular Flooring

Traditional panel and pedestal access floor

Low height profile

Rated from 1,000-3,000 pounds

Plug and play electric data

Low life cycle costs

Sustainable manufacturing


Prefabricated Interiors

Cost certainty through parametric modeling

Fast 5 week lead time

High quality environmentally sustainable materials

Complete configurability to accommodate change

Clean installations

Easy maintenance


Sound Masking and Acoustic Appliques

System washes the plenum with even consistent sound minimizing intelligible speech

Speech privacy throughout the floorplan

Flexible tuning for meetings or reconfigurations

Improved productivity and fewer disruptions

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